Student Support Services

The O'Maley Student Services Staff includes our School Psychologist, three School Adjustment Counselors and three Guidance Counselors. Our team has over 20 years of service to families in the city of Gloucester, and provides services to the school in a variety of areas that promote the students' well-being and personal growth.

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At O'Maley, the three guidance counselors are each assigned to a grade beginning with 6th grade and they loop with the students from 6th through 8th. As a result, they get to know the students very well, and are liaisons among families, students and staff throughout their stay at O'Maley. 

2023-2024 Counselors: 

Mary White, 6th

Beckie Mastandrea, 7th -

Mark Mastandrea, 8th -

Our counselors work with the students to maintain strong social emotional health by teaching and modeling stress reduction techniques, personal and academic goal setting practices, and strategies for success with the social dynamics of middle school. An important Student Services initiative is our SAILS program, a values strengthening project that promotes Service, Acceptance, Integrity, Leadership and Success!

When needed, counselors assist with crisis intervention, including Salem Crisis Team contact, community counseling referral, and family community support services links. They work closely with our Elementary schools and Gloucester High School to assist students in smooth transitions as they grow through the Gloucester Public Schools. 

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School Psychologist

Rebecca Wetter has been working as the school psychologist at the O'Maley Innovation Middle School since 1998.  School psychologists are state licensed psychologists that have expertise around a variety of social emotional or learning challenges that may impact a child within the school setting.  Ms. Wetter has dual roles at the middle school working as part of the Student Services Department and the Special Education Department.  She works with administrators, guidance counselors and teachers providing consultation around behavioral, emotional and learning challenges.  As part of the special education eligibility process, Ms.Wetter conducts psychological and cognitive assessments which help to determine factors that may be impacting learning and to assess whether a child has a disability. 

School psychologists are also involved in providing counseling to students who have been already identified as having a disability as part of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process. Ms. Wetter provides individual and group counseling to students during the school day who have identified goals around social skill development, coping strategies and problem solving skills.  

Ms. Wetter is also excited to be part of the O'Maley S.A.I.L.S. program since it's inception in 2011.  She is committed to creating a respectful community that has the common goal of developing students with strong character and who encompass our S.A.I.L.S. values (Service, Acceptance, Integrity, Leadership and Success).

Rebecca Wetter -

School Adjustment Counselors

O'Maley has three school adjustment counselors on staff: Mr. Daniel Graham, Ms. Chele Lizotte, and Ms. Bethany Platt. Each serves students to help them meet Individualized social emotional goals. 

Daniel Graham -

Chele Lizotte -

Bethany Platt -

SRO Peter Sutera and ACE

School Resource Officer Peter Sutera is assigned to O'Maley with Ace, our community service dog. Officer Sutera supports students and builds connections between our schools and the Gloucester Police Department.