O'Maley S.A.I.L.S.

Service • Acceptance • Integrity • Leadership • Success

In 2011, the O'Maley community introduced our SAILS initiative.  SAILS (Service, Acceptance, Integrity, Leadership, Success) was our response to the Anti-Bullying efforts that were being initiated throughout the Commonwealth.  Research shows that the best approach to prevent bullying was through the development of a positive and respectful learning community. 

The SAILS Pledge:

Crafted by student groups In 2014, we try each day to live by our pledge: 

"I will treat myself and others with respect and kindness, and lead by positive example. Through hard work, cooperation, and courage, I will strive to accept challenges and differences, and to speak up honestly. Today and every day, I will accept responsibility for my Impact on my community and my world."







A big focus of our SAILS initiative is community service. During our first year the students and staff completed 2,000 hours of service. Last year, student homerooms, advisory groups, and some classrooms branched out and students contributed ideas to complete a variety of individualized service learning projects. Just a few examples were: making chew toys for animals at Cape Ann Animal Aid, crafting valentines for residents at the Seacoast Nursing Home as well as the Council on Aging via Meals on Wheels, running a food drive for the Open Door food pantry, a book drive, and writing and reading picture books for Beeman students.


What originally began as the SAILS Club has evolved Into the SAILS Council. Students representing each homeroom meet together to address needs of the school and service opportunities. Throughout the year, Council representatives meet with the Principal or Assistant Principals to advocate for their Initiatives.


Over recent years, as O'Maley explored Identification of our Core Values as a school, staff and students reviewed the SAILS values to evaluate how they align with not just our values for our community, but also with academic goals. The chart below shows some examples of descriptors for each of the SAILS principles related to each.