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S.A.I.L.S. - Service • Acceptance • Integrity • Leadership • Success

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Welcome to O’Maley Innovation Middle School!

Middle school is an exciting time for students. It is a chance for them to find their interests, their people, and themselves.  O’Maley provides opportunities for students to explore all these different aspects of their lives.  Our rigorous curriculum, robust specialist program, and diverse opportunities during our O’Maley Academy after school program, create an educational experience where all students can feel a sense of belonging and are able to grow as individuals.  Students are encouraged to follow our SAILS Core Values - Service, Acceptance, Integrity, Leadership, and Success - as guiding principles to develop the characteristics of responsible citizenship.  We look forward to partnering with all families to meet the needs of our students during this pivotal time in their lives.

~Principal Michael Titus


OMIMS Contact Information

Main Office

Christine Leveille & Beth Oliver

Phone: 978-281-9850

Fax: 978-281-9890


Michael Titus -  x26303

Assistant Principals

Brian Addesa, 6th - x26313

Dennis Hurley, 7th - x26310

Kaitlin Gass, 8th - x26316

Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator

Kate Robertson - x26312

Nurses' Office

Kim Cameron & Alycia Gossom


Guidance Counselors

Mary White 6th - 978-491-6808

Rebecca Mastandrea 7th - 978-491-6806

Mark Mastandrea 8th - 978-491-6807

Special Education Program Leader

Iris Miller - 978-281-9853

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O'Maley Innovation Middle School

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