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Next PTO Meeting is Scheduled for

6:00pm Library Learning Commons


Please join us for PTO meeting

of the 2020 - 2021 school year!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us. 

The meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. each month.  The meetings last approximately one hour.

PTO President - tba

PTO Secretary - tbd

PTO Treasurer  Lori Smith




Every year is a new beginning,

whether it's a transition to a new grade or an entirely new school, 

our kids are trying things they never imagined. 

We can too.

This years PTO continues to build on the hard work of the parents who have gone before us. 
We look forward to continuing to develop as an organization where parents and teachers work side by side with our children and the administration so that we can expand the concept and the power of being an Innovation school. 


FIRST: We think being involved in the PTO should be a pleasure.

Here are a few ways the O'Maley PTO 

is setting the stage for how you can make a difference.


1) Appreciation for Staff: 
Do you like to make people feel appreciated with the occasional small but meaningful gesture?  
  • Throughout the year we like to do nice things for the teachers and staff. We have some ideas and would welcome yours as well.

2) Book Swap: 
Have you always loved the thrill of trading books? Want to share that  experience with others? 
  • The Library has several hundred books to start a book swap. We've been given the go ahead to put shelves in the cafeteria and now we need someone to take the lead on setting it up and managing it. 

3) Communications: 
Love to write? See editing mistakes all over the place? Like making webpages functional and attractive?  
  • You have obviously come to the right place to make a difference! We'd like to have regular web updates so that teachers and parents know what is happening at the school.

4) Eighth Grade Committee: 
Can you believe these kids are in their last year of middle school? 
  • Help make it special! 

5) Fundraising: 
Do you like the feel of bringing money in where there was none before? Are you forever coming up with creative ways to get a little more cash? Do you love the rush of putting together a sale? 
  • Whether it is benches for the common areas or enrichment opportunities or setting up a pizza table for people doing a clean-up day, more money in the coffers gives us flexibility and capability. 

6) Grant Writers: 
Amazing things have been happening with grant money.                                                     
  • Help us expand even further what is possible for our students and staff.

7) Hospitality: 
Do you like to coordinate food or welcome people into a meeting with a cup of coffee or tea? Maybe you like to make a table beautiful or you love coordinating kids (or adults) to run a bake sale or lemonade stand? Are you willing to bake a batch of cookies on occasion? 
  • At events throughout the year we'd like to be able to add a little nourishment while fostering a sense of community.  

8) Hour-at-a-time: 
Are you at a point in your life where you can't take on anything big but if someone asked you to do a small concrete job you'd be happy to help? Are you super busy during the day but could happily send a few emails or pick up some supplies on the weekend? 
  • This is a great way to be involved on your own schedule.

9) Landscape and Grounds: 
When you walk onto the O'Maley campus does your eye wander to cracks and weeds? Do you picture the school with trimmed trees and plants that can bounce back after a basketball trounces them? Do you love getting together with friends to pull weeds or working with a coach and a group of students to do a clean-up project? If somebody said go pull weeds here would you be happy to get digging? 
  • Everyone who walks up to the school sees the age and the wear. Are you that person with a little vision, a willingness to ask for help, and a few hand tools? Or maybe you are one of the people who've said they wouldn't mind a few hours of yard work if somebody told them what to do. What an enormous impact you could have on what greets students, staff and parents every day.  

10) Library: 
Can you imagine a school without a well stocked and organized library?! Do you feel that books nourish the soul or maybe you just love the feeling of having an orderly bookshelf? Would you prefer being in the background as kids are going about their day?

  • Volunteering in the Library has so many benefits. This is definitely a place where giving is receiving, get to know the kids and see O'Maley from the inside.

11)  Membership:
Love to spread the word about a good thing? Like to be the hub for all the spokes? 
  • Everybody ought to feel they belong to the PTO. Help us make connections. Be behind the scenes or in front of it all as you help us stay connected to one another

12) Organizer extraordinaire:  
Are you always taking notes or keeping track of what needs to happen next? Is planning your thing? 
  • We need a few people to take the reins to keep our conversations on track and  to update the parents who care, but cannot always make it to meetings.

SECOND: PTO meetings should be short, sweet and to the point 

but even so, they aren't the only way to be involved.

We know you are busy and we know you care about what is happening for your child or children. 
There are ways for anybody and everybody to belong and to have an impact in the PTO.

THIRD: Your input is incredibly important. 

O'Maley Innovation Middle School has much to recommend it
as well as some areas that could use a little tweaking.

Let's work together to make this great school exceptional!

TBA, PTO President

 Lori Smith, PTO Treasurer



Have questions? Want to learn more about where you could fit in? Have a big idea?               



                          contact : TBA - Community Connector