Student Services Team

The O'Maley student services team was created to thoughtfully and proactively address important school issues through a collaborative problem solving approach. The team consists of administrators, counselors, special education staff, and the school nurse. Each member brings a different perspective and expertise to building school culture and addressing both school wide groups and individual student case studies. The team meets weekly throughout the school year.

Debra Lucey    Principal      
Jeff Strong    
Assistant Principal
Allison Cousins Grade 6 Guidance Counselor
Joanne Maino Assistant Principal
Paula Gray Grade 8 Guidance Counselor
Mary White
Grade 7 Guidance Counselor
Barbara McKinley
Special Education Coordinator
Christine Leveille  
Principal's Secretary
Kate Andrewes     
Rebecca Wetter School Psychologist
Dan Graham School Adjustment Counselor
Kim Cameron    
School Nurse
Deechie Deltorchio School Nurse