Central to district and school goals is the development and documentation of a standards-based curriculum. The Massachusetts Framework Standards have been mapped out for each grade. This constitutes the content standards for each grade (what each child should know and be able to do). Within the promotion of this curriculum is effective instruction and assessment so that each child has the opportunity to demonstrate that he/she is showing progress towards meeting standards. This constitutes the performance standards. The writing portfolio is an example of such an effort.

Heterogeneous, inclusive classrooms:
The Gloucester Public Schools are committed to inclusive classrooms which promote educational opportunities for all students in an environment that builds on understanding and valuing differences.

Additional, independent work is provided in accordance with school committee policy to support the learning process. The assignment notebook should be used daily to record homework assignments. Teachers may also write notes to parents in this notebook. Parents and guardians are encouraged to read the assignments and to use the notebook as a means of communication with the teachers. Children at the middle school level still benefit from parental involvement and encouragement to develop organized individual study habits at home. This includes working with students to check off assignments completed, creating a calendar for long-term projects, and establishing an area conducive to studying.