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Anti Bullying Resources

Respectful Communities

O'Maley Middle School's purpose is to educate all students so that they may achieve high standards of academic performance. As educators, students and parents, we collaborate to create a respectful, safe, and inclusive culture in which we feel empowered to develop our intellectual skills and to think critically. 

O'Maley Middle School supports educational and social endeavors that cultivate self-awareness, tolerance, and responsibility for one's actions and promote a positive environment within the school and in the greater Gloucester community.

Bullying Prevention Resources   
  • US Dept of Health and Human Services has bullying information and emotional health resources.
Cyberbullying Research Center
  • The Center provides updated information about the nature extent causes and consequences of cyberbullying. Its website offers resources from worksheets to discussion guides.
Eyes on Bullying
  • Information, strategies, and activities for addressing bullying.
 Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center
  • Parent resources for working with schools about bullying, understanding Facebook and social networking sites, and addressing cyberbullying. 

Myths and facts about bullying

  • Myths and facts about bullies and victims as well as additional resources. 

National Youth Violence Prevention
  • Bullying facts and statistics 

Ryan Halligan’s Story 

  • The tragic story of a teen who was a victim of bullying. This site also has multiple resource links.

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: by Sameer Hindjuda and Justin Patchin
Bullying at School: by Dan Olweus
Say Something: by Peggy Moss 
Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?: By Terrence Webster-Doyle 

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