Essential Information

School Hours and Attendance
  • Regular, timely attendance is important for developing a responsible citizen and an involved active learner. Many of the hands-on classroom activities enrich curriculum concepts and develop teamwork and a sense of belonging.

  • School Hours: The school day begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 1:55 p.m. Students should arrive by 7:35 a.m. at which time an outside bell rings for students to enter the building.  The cafeteria is open for breakfast beginning at 7:20 a.m. Should students remain after school for academic and athletic programs or for extra help or detention, late buses depart at 3:30 for those students who normally ride the school bus or CATA bus.

  • Tardiness: Prior to 7:50, students should head directly to homeroom and teachers will record their arrival.  After 7:50 students must sign in at the office and receive a tardy slip that will admit them to class. Parents may be requested to sign in their child if tardiness becomes excessive.  Students who are tardy or absent can be excluded from school activities for that day or for the weekend if on a Friday.

  • Absence: We count on the parent/guardian to phone the school on the day of the absence and follow up with a note explaining the absence upon returning to school. The school does make an effort to contact parents of absent students on a regular basis using an automated calling system.  Students who are tardy or absent can be excluded from school activities for that day or for the weekend if on a Friday.

  • The school department does not condone families scheduling vacation while school is in session.

  • When it becomes apparent that a student will be absent from school for an extended period of time, parents should contact the guidance counselor immediately to request homework assignments and/or make-up work. The guidance counselor will make appropriate arrangements to have work provided for the student. In a case where a student will be unable to attend school for an excessively long period of time, parents may request that tutorial services be provided.

  • When a child has excessive absences parents will be notified of the school's concern. When we feel these absences are affecting academic success, a petition for a C.R.A. will be seriously considered.

Early Dismissal: Students will be dismissed early either as a result of a parental note having been brought to the homeroom teacher or by a phone call from the parent/guardian during the school day. At the time of dismissal, the student must meet the parent/guardian in the Main Office and officially sign out. If anyone other than the parent/guardian is picking the student up, this must be clearly stipulated by the parent beforehand.


  • Two full time registered nurses are available to monitor immunizations, administer first aid and dispense medications. Students may not keep medicine on their person or in their lockers. All medications must be delivered to the Nurses' Office by a parent or guardian in a pharmacy-labeled container, accompanied by a parental note indicating the dosage, schedule for administration and the reason. Long-term daily medications must be refilled on schedule.

  • In case of illness or injury during school hours, effected students should report to the nurses with a note from their teacher. Permission to leave school due to illness or injury can be obtained from the nurses only after the parent or designated emergency person has been contacted. Parents or a designated person must pick students up in the Nurses' Office.


  • The Gloucester Public Schools provide bus transportation for students who live more than 1.5 miles from school free for grade 6 students and with a fee for grades 7 and 8. Students needing to ride a bus other than their assigned bus must have a note or telephone call from their parent/guardian and must see an administrator for approval. If there are questions regarding transportation please call the transportation manager at (978) 282-3001.

  • CATA also provides bus service for a fee for those students living within the 1.5 mile range. You may call (978) 283-7196 for more information.

  • Parents are requested to drop off and pick students up at the rink parking lot between 7:20 and 7:30 in order to facilitate a timely and safe movement of traffic and students. In the afternoon, students should also be picked up in the rink parking lot to avoid interfering with the buses.


  • Each student is assigned a hall locker and is expected to keep them in clean and usable condition. If there is reason to suspect that stolen property or illegal materials are contained within a student's locker, school personnel reserve the right to search lockers at any time. Backpacks must be kept in lockers during the day.

Fire Drills/Emergency Response Drills

  • Regulations require that a fire drill be held periodically during the school year. Each exit in the school is clearly indicated. The exit to be used is clearly indicated in each classroom. The sound of the fire alarm is the signal to leave the building immediately by the designated exit. Students are expected to exit in an orderly manner and follow their teachers to the prearranged area outside the building where they should line up for the purpose of attendance.

  • Lock downs, building evacuations, and other emergency response drills are also conducted periodically in accordance with district procedures.

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Co-Curricular Activities: Drama, Yearbook, Band, Jazz Band, Student Council, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Track & Field.

Code of Conduct

The O'Maley Innovation Middle School community strives to create a safe, nurturing environment that is personal, encourages active learning, embraces diversity, and promotes personal and social responsibility. We are committed to a tone of decency (mutual respect and responsibilities) and to high expectations for student performance. We believe that everything a school does should be directed toward the education of its students to the maximum extent possible. Every situation, even a disciplinary one, is used to deepen understanding and apply knowledge.

There must be certain expectations for all individuals in order for a community to grow and succeed. Our goal at O'Maley Innovation Middle School is to develop students who are self-disciplined and are able to make good judgements about their behavior. Our expectations for behavior center around the right for all to enjoy an orderly atmosphere conducive to learning.

Most of the guidelines for behavior will come from your teachers. Together, you will discuss norms for behavior so that a clear understanding develops. The faculty and staff will support you and help you to develop a broad sense of responsibility toward the school community.

  • Respect: O'Maley Innovation Middle School Community Members are expected to:

  • show courtesy and respect towards others

  • use acceptable language at all times, free of name calling, insults, or profanity

  • settle differences without put-downs, threats, bullying, or fights

  • ask staff for help as needed for conflict resolution

  • interact with each other safely without pushing or roughness

  • keep the school clean and free of litter

  • share equipment and demonstrate good manners

  • take care of school grounds, property, and equipment

  • Responsibility: O'Maley Innovation Middle School students take responsibility for the task of learning. They are expected to:

  • come to school and class on time and be prepared to learn and think

  • listen, follow directions, participate and cooperate

  • walk in a safe and orderly manner in school buildings

  • use skateboards, in-line skates and bikes only at a safe distance from others outside the building, parking areas and driveway

  • leave at home toys, games, gum, radios, CD players, laser pens, pages, and any electronic devices that distract from learning--cell phones are permitted but are expected to be put away and remain off during the entire school day

  • dress appropriately for a learning environment

  • value honesty: cheating, lying and forgery undermine learning

  • Consequences for Poor Choices: Student who fail to meet O'Maley's positive behavior expectations will face certain logical consequences. Due process is followed to ensure fairness and help teach citizenship in a free and open democratic society. If a student misbehaves, appropriate consequences may include:

  • warnings

  • parent notification

  • parent conference

  • loss of privileges/participation in school activities

  • detention

  • suspension

  • local law enforcement involvement

  • C.H.I.N.S. petition

  • Expulsion

Exceptions to policy: As indicated or modified by the laws governing Chapter 766 (Special Education) and the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

Smoking and smoking material: In accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 71, Section 37H, the O'Maley Innovation Middle School, including school grounds, is a tobacco-free environment. The school is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, productive environment for students and staff.

Possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons: All are illegal on school property and governed by M.G.L. Chapter 71, Section 37H and 37H 1/2. Activities involving these may lead to suspension, expulsion, and/or police action.

All discipline incidents and consequences are confidentially documented.